Wizard of DeafOZ

Hello! We are back and we bring good news…

We have all been working very hard to bring you another fabulous play. This year has been pretty intense especially as it is our 25th Anniversary so we have been all guns blazing to bring you two plays this year – we hope that you have enjoyed watching them as much as we have enjoyed performing them for you.

The Wizard of DeafOz is going to be a brilliant production so be sure to get your self a ticket! A big thank you to Nick Sturley for penning the play for us we are lucky to have such a brilliant writer.

This time around three of our members (Clara Allardyce, Mark Hopkinson, Robert Giles) will be absent from the cast as they have other commitments that they have to keep to but nonetheless we thank them for the hard work that they have put in previously. We also have a new member who we have welcomed into LDDG. Nathaniel Rollinson has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for us and has more than earned his place so we look forward to seeing him in action once again.

Being our 25th anniversary this year we have a few surprises in store so watch this space…

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