1986 Alex Cranwell A Weekend in an English Castle

1988 Alex Cranwell King James and his Beau

1988 Terry Edwards & Colyn Walden Cabaret Show & Buffet

1989 Terry Edwards & Colyn Walden Cabaret Show & Disco

1989 Alex Cranwell Trapped in Llanwnog Castle

1991 Avanda Carter When Time Stood Still

1992 Brian Whalley Oh! What a Lovely Holiday

1992 Terry Slayford Cabaret Show & Take Your Pick

1995 Colyn Walden A Double ‘V’ Show

1997 Terry Edwards The 10 Show

2000 Ann Walden Towards Zero

2002 Peter Handy Second Hand Time Machine

2003 Terry Edwards & Terry Slayford Two Terry Comedy Show

2004 Ann Walden Appointment with Death

2008 Fif Garfield and Julian Peedle-Calloo Snow White & Seven Deafies

2011 Fifi Garfield and Ann Walden – Sherlock Holmes and the missing Father Christmas.

2011 Sandra Duguid and Julian Peedle-Calloo Wizard of DeafOz

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