About (How we started)

LDDG had its humble beginning when 3 deaf men (Stanley Stevens, Alex Cranwell and Colyn Walden) got together in St. Saviours Deaf club in January 1986, because of their love of performance. They had seen an advert in a deaf magazine which invited all actors to the “World Theatre Festival” in Spain. They took up the invitation and performed their debut on the international stage in the September of 1986 in Barcelona, Spain. It was very well received and helped springboard them into theatre…the audience wanted more.

On their return to London, England they realised that before they could take their success anywhere they had to oblige their home audience who were in uproar that they had been overlooked. The second public performance met with the approval of all who watched in London and so the LDDG was born.

Until this day LDDG has kept true to the passion, determination, freedom of expression and sheer enjoyment that was sprouted by that little seed in Shepherd’s Bush Deaf club. The members of the LDDG today are all passionate talented actors/actresses who in between ruckus laughter and sometimes precious tears put all their blood and sweat into producing top notch theatre productions. Well renowned actors, actresses and poets such as Ilan Dwek, Paula Garfield, Paul Scott, Fifi Garfield, Carolyn Denmark and Richard Weinbaum to name a few; put aside hectic schedules and thriving careers to put their all into LDDG and are a testament to what a success it still is.

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